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After being served an Offence Notice (ticket) the defendant then has three options to be exercised within 15 (fifteen) calendar days: Option 1: Pay the fine, Option 2: Request a meeting with the prosecutor to discuss the possible resolution of the charge, Option 3: Attend the court office in person to file a request for trial (must complete a Notice of Intention to Appear).

Each case is unique. However depending on the overall severity or legal ramifications, it is advisable to seek legal counsel to learn about your options and the best way to procedure further.

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Please make note of this important provision regarding Provincial Offences:

If you intend to appear in court and plead not guilty, you or your representative must attend in person only at the court office shown on the back of your ticket within the times and days shown to file a Notice of Intention to Appear.

Legal Resources

Ontario Traffic Council: The mission statement of the OTC is officially “OTC is the voice for enhancing the engineering, education and enforcement sectors of the traffic management sector in Ontario”.

Toronto Traffic Tickets: The city of Toronto has specific guidelines and procedures for their traffic court system. You should speak with a paralegal or lawyer to get professional advice.

How to Pay Your Ticket: You have several options to pay of the fine including online or mail. This page will provide a breakdown of each option in greater detail.

Common Offences & Charges

Careless Driving Penalty: This is a very serious charge.
Speeding Tickets Toronto: This is a moderately serious charge depending on how many tickets you have.
Fail to Remain at Accident: This is a very serious charge.
CVOR Charges / Commercial Vehicles: This is a very serious charge.
Suspended License: This is a very serious charge.
Stop Sign Violations: This is a moderately serious charge.
Prohibited Turning: This is a moderately serious charge.

Other Resources

Depression & Anxiety Counseling: Depending on the severity of your trauma or charge you may be feeling a lot of stress and need the assistance of a professional.

Lead Aid: The service you can use if you require financial assistance to pay your legal fees.

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